'Using the Bible of the Dummy' - When John McEnroe Called Out 'Crazy Aunt' Margaret Court and Hyped Up Serena Williams To Break the Grand Slam Record

‘Using the Bible of the Dummy’ – When John McEnroe Called Out ‘Crazy Aunt’ Margaret Court and Hyped Up Serena Williams To Break the Grand Slam Record

John McEnroe is not only a famous tennis player but also an active sports commentator. He is explicitly known for his outspokenness as a super-brat. He never shies out to slam and speaks the unspoken words. The seven time grand slam champion once hilariously trolled Margaret Court.

The American tennis player is also known for talents other than playing tennis, thanks to the entertaining way he reports on the game. The 63-year-old has dabbled in acting in addition to covering significant tennis events. He has hosted many shows and has even acted on various platforms. He has been active with Eurosport for a long time and has displayed his acting skills ahead of time.


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John McEnroe once trolled Margaret Court

The Eurosport commentator has once criticized the 24 time grand slam champion to look back to her honors and achievements and act accordingly. He even listed what made said, “There’s only one thing longer than the list of Margaret Court’s tennis achievements: it’s her list of offensive and homophobic statements.” At that time, Court was quite in the headlines because of her comments on LGBTQ and transgender children.

And even called the Australian star a crazy aunt, owning to the controversial she has been around. He said, “Margaret Court is actually a ventriloquist using the Bible of the dummy to say whatever she wants… Tennis Australia is facing a dilemma – what do they do with their crazy aunt?”

Commissioner of Tennis also requested Williams to break her record so that we can move past her. He said, “Serena, do me a favor: get two more grand slams this year and get to 25, so we can leave Margaret Court and her offensive views in the past, where they both belong.”


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Notably, Williams also raised the topic about Court’s achievements and the controversy when she announced her retirement, pointing out that Court won all of her titles before the professional tennis times and how it is not easy to win a grand slam.

Serena Williams unable to beat Court’s record

Court has won 24 grand slam times, which is the highest in women’s tennis and just one more than the American star. However, Williams was only one grand slam away from recording a similar highest. But she was unable to break the Australian tennis legend’s record before she retired from the sport.


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But after 2017, when she won her 23rd grand slam title, while she was pregnant. She won the Australian Open that year, but since then her fans have waited for the next grand slam. The former world number one has faced various defeats in the finals since then.

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